Stallions marked "Freeze and Breed" with a yellow background are stallions that are also sold directly by Freeze and Breed.

This means:
You conclude a contract for insemination/Frozen semen directly with Freeze and Breed. Some of these stallions are available with particularly breeder-friendly conditions. Cover certificates are issued by Freeze and Breed.

All other stallions are stocked and sent by Freeze and Breed only.
This means: You conclude a contract with the specified contact (in each case noted on the stallion page). You will also receive the cover slip from this contractual partner.


Chilled, fresh semen = freshly collected semen from stallions that you find under „Fresh/Cooled Semen“

TG = frozen semen

Chooled semen = thawed TG, which can be used similar to fresh semen

This year, Freeze and Breed offers breeders and stallion owners the project "Cooled Semen from thawed frozen semen". We started a test run with this project in 2021. Please read the information carefully to understand the functionality.

Quantar MD

Quantar MD - in Germany performance-tested stallion, available for stallionbooks 1 sporthorse breedings >>>

Khalvin Khlein KpM

Rasse: Partbred Araber Farbe: Amber Champagne Geb.: 1998 v. Khornerstone KpM ox - Comar Bay Brummel ox - Harvest of Gold Khornerstone KpM ox Khemosabi ox Amerigo ox Jurneeka ox >>>


Double dilute stallion (cremello) available for all mares for the same conditions! >>>

Qaside MD

Qaside MD - stunning Cremello stallion with high-performing offspring all over the world >>>