Silver Fizz

Breed: Zangersheide
Colour: Dark Bay Silver
Height: 162 cm
Born.: 2019

Sir Cisco Sancisco (Oldb.) Sandro Hit
Florida E (SWE) Arpeggio (Westph.)
Paradoxite Fantastic (Hann.) Fürst Romancier (Oldb.)
Sienna (Hann.)
Pashmina (USA) Prelude By Mozart (Trak.)
Wrangled From Heaven

Links pedigree:

  • Silver-carrier Z/n
  • AES licensed
  • WFFS free (N/N)


Europe: 2 doses 650,- Euro, In Germany payable when the mare is pregnant

UK: 2 doses 600 GBP

USA: 2 doses 850,- Euro, includes 100 EUR voucher for semen shipping from Freeze and Breed

Canada: 2 doses 1150 CAD

Australia: 2 doses 1175 AUD

Newzealand: 2 doses 1175 AUD

The expressive young stallion "Silver Fizz" immediately catches all eyes on him. He brings an extraordinary suppleness, which shows in the basic gaits as well as on the jump. In addition, there is the expression of a noble horse.

"Fuzzy" was the first foal by the mare Paradoxite, who brought her silver gene into German Warmblood breeding via the American maternal line. The dam's sire Fantastic descends from Fürst Romancier/ Fürst Heinrich and ensures the finest dressage blood and high rideability values. The progeny of Fürst Romancier cause a sensation both nationally and internationally. Bundeschampionat winner, World Championship participant, Grand Prix winner, licensed sons - the list of successes is almost endless. Fürst Romancier himself was the Oldenburg main premium winner. In 2009 he placed fourth as the most successful stallion of his year at the Dressage Horse World Championships and the Bundeschampionat; Fürst Heinrich, 2001 champion stallion, 2002 Oldenburg main premium winner and 2003 dressage horse world champion (5y.), produced more than 50 licensed stallions, including the licensing and main premium winner, federal champion and main sire Fürstenball.

The direct father Sir Cisco was himself qualified for the Bundeschampionat and the World Championships for young horses. He was excellent under the jumping saddle and was successful in eventing. In this respect it is not surprising that Fuzzy also shows great talent for jumping. His grandfather Sancisco was Germany's most successful dressage horse in his age group. He was given the suffix OLD. He was also a placed finalist at the Nürnberger Burg Pokal Finale in Frankfurt before being sold for over 1 million euros. In the new ownership he celebrated successes in the Grand Prix class.

Sandro Hit appears twice in the pedigree - both on the father's side and on the mother's side. He led the WBFSH ranking of the world's best dressage horses. Sandro Hit has made a lasting mark on modern dressage horse breeding with his offspring with their brilliant type and extremely light-footed movements. He is regarded as basic stallion of a line in horse breeding.

Silver Fizz is affectionately called "Fuzzy" at home, like the popular hero from the well-known western sequels. He has a gentle character and is always willing to exercise and work, a well-behaved, hardworking horse with a pleasant sensitivity.


With his blond, thick head of hair and his big, black wide eyes, he is a real eye-catcher and hardly anyone walks past his box without stopping and looking at the beautiful young stallion.


Silver Dapple – maybe tomorrow's must-have outfit? Fuzzy passes on 50% of the coveted color genetics to his offspring and is the beginning of the silver gene in modern sport horse breeding.