Limp Bizkit

Breed: German Horse ZfDP
Colour: bay roan, roan homozygot
Born: 2015
Height: 173 cm

Cayanosch – Hofrat - Ferrum

Cayanosch Castellini (Holst.) Contender
Shirly Sir Chamberlain
Red Ruby
Lily my Love Hofrat Gribaldi
Habsburg II
Last Coloration Ferrum
La Belle


  • Graded ZSSE, AES
  • homozygous for Roan Rn/Rn
  • All his foals will be roans
  • WFFS free
  • foal papers AES, Zangersheide


Europe: 2 doses 600 EUR

Australia: 2 doses 1400 AUD

Newzealand: 2 doses 1250 NZD

Limp Bizkit has grown tall. He has remarkably long legs, which his father Cayanosch passed on to all his foals.


Limp Bizkit has a stable, correct foundation and an absolutely regular set of all limbs, as well as well-formed, good hooves. His character is friendly, playful and self-confident. Here, too, he is quite similar to his father Cayanosch, although "Lumpi's" curiosity and energy are even more striking. He is not afraid of anything and he does not know the word "shy".

His pedigree offers well-known sires, famous and influential stallions in horse breeding, such as Contender, Landgraf I/Ladykiller xx, Ahorn Z from the father's line; Romadour II, Sir Chamberlain and Insterfeuer.


His Trakehner mother also has famous blood, there is even a very close relationship to Totilas, the stallion of the century. Worth mentioning here are the stallions Hofrat – Gribaldi – Kostolany, as well as the well-known Trakehner stallion Ibikus.


Limp Bizkit offers a special feature that no other warmblood stallion has: He is the world's first purebred warmblood roan stallion, which means that all his foals will wear this special color.


On the jump he shows a good bascule with fast leg technique. He is willing to perform, always remains well-considered and does not shy away from larger tasks. He likes to be challenged every day. His desire to work seems to know no bounds.

Limp Bizkit has found a new owner. The two have become the perfect team. She writes about him:


"Limp Bizkit, also called "Lumpi", has lived with me since 2018. During this time he has developed from a lanky youngster to a proper riding horse. At 172 cm, he is probably fully grown, but will probably gain significant muscle mass. He shows above-average talent in both dressage and jumping, although jumping will certainly be his true calling.From the very first lesson he approaches the jump fearlessly and fluently and shows good manners in free jumping and under the rider. In addition, Lumpi is extremely playful and learns everything that is sold to him as a game very quickly, including his first circus tricks and agility.Off-road, he is easy to trade in any position in the group and at any gait, and he is also courageous Lumpi is always in a good mood and people-oriented.He is exceptionally polite with other horses, gets along well with everyone, but also likes to show the mares how great he is. This horse has an excellent character. He is nice to children, but also offers enough power to challenge more ambitious riders. He brings strength and endurance with him and shows a very good body awareness for his size."