Cadlanvalley Sir Ivanhoe

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contact person:  Elisabeth Bröskamp, Mobil:

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Breed: Welsh-B
Colour: Cremello
Born: 2009
Height: 128 cm

v. Boston Bonaparte – Newtonhill Naughty Boy Charlie – Broadlands Coronet

Boston Bonaparte 49826 (GBR)

Welsh-B - geb. 1997

Varndell Right Royal Downland Mandarin
Cusop Rhythm No.
Contessa of Kirkhamgate Radmont Tarquin
Cola of Kirkhamgate
Newtonhill Kerry 136709 (GBR)

Welsh-B – geb. 2004

Newtonhill Naughty Boy Charlie Heaton Romeo
Laithehill Brocade
Palesides Jessica Broadlands Coronet
Palesides Bali-hi

Link zum Pedigree:

  • graded in Alsfeld 2017
  • performance tested 2016 HLP in Erbach/Odenwald, Endresult 7,7 (winner of the short test)
  • english breeding license WPCS (Welsh Pony and Cob Society)
  • CA negative
  • homozygous creme


licensed for:

  • Rheinland-Pfalz-Saar
  • Baden-Württemberg
  • Bayern
  • Brandenburg-Anhalt
  • Hessen
  • Sachsen-Thüringen
  • Rheinland
  • ZFDP
  • UK


Europe: 1 dose 400,- Euro

Canada: 1 dose 500 CAD

Australia: 1 dose 585 AUD

New Zealand: 1 dose 600 NZD

Fotograf: Joachim Hecker


responsible for text and pictures: E. Bröskamp