Snowys Cristobal

contact person: Baerbel Ott
mobile +49 160 7947512

Breed: Thoroughbred
Colour: Cremello
Born: 2017
Height 170 cm

Allthegoldnftknox xx Red White N Gold Billionaire
Madame Bucheron Seneca Jones
Kendra’s Pal
Snowflake Swirl Snowy River Issue of Gold
Queen Debonair
Legstosee Exclusive Era
Horizon Magic

Allthegoldnftknow xx – Snowy River – Exclusive Era


  • grading 2020 ZSAA, Germany
  • WFFS negative
  • SCID und CA negative
  • performance tested and fully warmblood approved


1000,- Euro

Wonderful stallion with best rideabilities.


responsible for text and pictures: Angela Westphal