Frozen semen production

Frozen semen production (EU and worldwide) is one of our focal points: There is a package deal for this (more on that below) or good individual prices.

In this process, the removed semen is deep-frozen and stored in liquid nitrogen at -196°C after a specified cooling process.

Benefits of Frozen Semen::

For the stallion owner:

  • Expansion of customer potential
  • Optimum use of the semenpool with little physical strain on the stallion
  • No risk of infection and injury for the stallion
  • Combination breeding and sport possible
  • Saving of gene reserves
  • Gentle use for heavily frequented stallions
  • Independence
  • Infinitely durable

For the mare owner:

  • Free choice of stallion, regardless of location
  • No journeys and stays in foreign stables
  • Higher foal rate through targeted insemination at the optimum time
  • No risk of injury and infection during mating
  • No weekend problem in shipping fresh semen, since storage is possible directly on site

Important for you to know:

For the production of EU-frozen semen, the collection phase can already be completed after a stay of 1-2 weeks in the centre (depending on the desired quantity). How many doses can be obtained per collection process can vary greatly for each stallion, there are fluctuations between 2 and 12 doses. The ejaculate is only processed if the quality is sufficient. With some stallions it may be necessary to bring them into an even collection rhythm first, so that the quality is optimized. Phantom training only makes sense in a few exceptional cases.

During their stay at the Freeze and Breed centre, the stallions are accommodated in spacious outdoor boxes (3 x 5m). On request, they can go to the horse walker every day and/or be given access to the paddock. If possible, it is advisable to deliver the stallion without shoes.

The prescribed tests are carried out, at least in part, at home. Contact Freeze and Breed for details and timeslots. Only laboratory evidence that was taken in cooperation with Freeze and Breed will be accepted, so do not carry out the samples in "preliminary work" with your veterinarian!

It is particularly important that YOUR stallion's frozen semen can be sent to customers after production, because it will not help you if your stallion's TG is available but it is "stuck" at the station. Freeze and Breed specializes in the shipping and storage of TG. Shipping is always on your behalf and only after the doses have been approved. Shipping costs are at the expense of the customer/mare owner. The process is very easy for your customer. He doesn't have to organize a shipping tank or worry about anything else. A mere order and off you go.

After production, you will also receive a folder with all important documents, such as laboratory tests, health certificates, etc. It can take up to 2 months after TG production for the folder to be completed, depending on when all the laboratory results are available. The semen can be relocated at any time. If this is done without a gap to another EU station, the semen retains EU status.

After the production of the frozen semen, we offer you to place your stallion on our homepage with your contact details. A one-time fee of 40 euros plus VAT is payable to our admin for the setting.

To do before:

It's very simple: Register the stallion, make sure that he has not mated in a natural stallion for 30 days before and hand him over to us with a health certificate.

You will receive the documents from Freeze and Breed

Price overview

Special package deal

Frozen semen production 1450 euros

(includes: storage fee for the production quarter, stay of the stallion during production (box and walker), test collection if necessary, 4 production processes)

You can commission further production processes within the package deal, the costs per jump are 240 euros, again including adjustment costs.

Laboratory and veterinary costs are not included in the offers!
Laboratory costs for one sample run: 180,- EUR/ 180,- EUR

Overview of prices for TG production

Special offer 1450,- Euro (see description)

Individual TG production process 240 EUR (stay for two days is included)

Daily allowance incl. service horse walker/paddock 30 EUR

Phantom training 55 EUR per hour

TG production for Australia, Canada, USA, New Zealand on request!

Short tutorial on dabbing a stallion: