Qaside MD

Breed: German Sporthorse
Colour: Cremello
born. 2013
Height: 170 cm

Quasi Gold MD Quaterback Quaterman I
Numees Nuget
Maple Root
Heliosphäre MD RFF The Alchemist xx RFF King’s Ransom xx
RFF Golden Miracle xx
Haubenlerche Bellini Go


  • graded ZfDP
  • performance tested
  • stallion book I in most warmblood organizations in Germany
  • not available for dilute mares
  • WFFS negative!


Europe: 1 dose 850 Euro, subsequent delivery 500 EUR

USA: 1 dose 1000 USD, subsequent delivery 700 USD

Canada: 1 dose 1350 CAD, subsequent delivery 950 CAD

Australia: 1 dose 1400 AUD, subsequent delivery 950 AUD

Newzealand: 1 dose 1500 NZD, subsequent delivery 980 NZD


With Qaside MD we can offer you an absolute rarity in breeding! This beautifully presented stallion impresses not only with his fantastic color, but also with his outstanding movement.


Qaside MD has a generous walk with a lot of tact, diligence and stepping over, that's pure luxury! His elastic trot, which actively works from behind, and his great canter allowed him to win riding horse ability tests straight away. Qaside MD's fantastic character, which was graded 9.5 in his performance tests, as well as his inner calm and sovereignty round off this complete horse.


He also showed these strengths at his licensing at the ZSSE and he deservedly became a premium stallion. At the licensing at the ZfDP, Qaside MD won many more admirers and was also licensed here, as the first and only Cremello in Germany, at a riding horse licensing. Due to its double lightening gene and its excellent quality, Qaside MD is extremely interesting for breeding.

Even as a foal, the son of Quasi Gold MD caused a stir at the foal show in Pretzier when he emerged as the winner with a dream score of 10.0 for movement. During the qualification for the German Foal Championships at the Klosterhof Medingen, all 3 judges gave him a 9.5 for movement. He was also reserve champion of the dressage colts at the foal championships in Neustadt/Dosse.

Qaside MD is also a pearl under the rider, he won riding horse tests and was awarded in Neustadt/ a.d. Dosse Vice State Champion.

His mother, state premium mare Heliosphere MD, was registered as a premium candidate with 54 points in the mare registration of the Trakehner Verband and was the best half-bred mare. After a successful mare performance test with a score of 7.97, she was awarded the premium and also received a premium from the Brandenburg-Anhalt Horse Breeding Association and became a state premium mare. For a long time she was the first and only Trakehner state premium mare in this special color scheme.

.Qaside MD's father, Quasi Gold MD, was a premium stallion at the South German licensing, became the South German champion of 5-year-old eventing horses and was a finalist at the Bundeschampionat. Quasi Gold MD was victorious in all three sub-disciplines at the tournament, won elementary level dressage horse ability tests at the age of 5 and was also successful in breeding. He is succesful up to the S-level in Germany now.

Qaside MD is genetically tested, he has the genetic profile ee AA CrCr. This means that a palomino/isabell comes out of every chestnut mare, a buckskin or isabelle out of every bay or black mare. He does not produce Smoky Blacks.


offspring pictures are welcome! - thank you!

text and pictures courtesy of Hengststation Rohmann, Dr. Marliese Dobberthien and Guido Recki, thank you very much!