TSF Polartanz

Breed: Trakehner
Colour: Black Brown
Height: 165 cm
Born: 2011

Konvoi Kallistos x Djerba Oua ox
Keseybiss x
Komposition II Elfenglanz
Polarfreude Heraldik xx Caramel xx
Heraldika xx
Polarkönigin II Habicht

v. Konvoi – Heraldik xx - Habicht

Pedigree: https://www.allbreedpedigree.com/polartanz3

  • Graded for Trakehner, papers for foals possible for all breeding books (warmblood)
  • Performance tested in Germany
  • Stallionbook I Trakehner
  • Homozygous black E/E
  • Signum TSF
  • Competitor Olympic Team Selection 2023 with Felix Etzel
  • Winner in Montelibretti (Italy) CCI4
  • Succesful up to International Eventing CCI4
  • WFFS negative


Newzealand 1350 NZD


Australia https://ihb.com.au/product/polartanz/

Breeders in Europe please contact Ulrike Malter, ulrike.malter@gut-schmarsow.de , +49 (0) 151 56097845

Polartanz is one of the most successful Eventing Stallions on international Level. He combines Intelligence and best Interior with sportive key attributes:

  • Highest Power of Concentration
  • Rideability and Rythm in the Dressage
  • Outstanding Constitution and Courage in Eventing

English Thoroughbred influence through the historymaking sire Heraldik xx, who won the Worldcup and many Nation Prizes in Showjumping. He has offspring in Dressage, highest level Showjumping and Eventing up until the Olympic Games

With the famous mare families of Polarfahrt and Kokette from the Main Stud “Trakehnen”, a success promising foundation was built.

Well-established Trakehner Blood Ratio through Habicht v. Burnus AAH (Eventing up to highest level) and Elfenglanz (award winning up to highest level).French influence (AA) through Konvoi v. Kallistos x, a famous winner at Hurdle Races and has offspring in international Showjumping and Eventing up to the Olympic Games

In March 2015, at the breeding association for sport horses of Arabian descent in Alsfeld, Polartanz received his stallion licensing and was registered in the Stallion Book I. Currently licensed and approved for breeding throughout the Trakehner Verband, Deutsches Sportpferd (DSP) and ZSAA.
The incredibly charming stallion scored not only with his excellent gaits and rythm, also with his outstanding and concentrated performance in the Free Jumping.

Breeders Philosophy: Ulrike's Love for horses is renowned and they have always been an important part of her life. As a young woman, she was captivated by the power, elegance, speed and grace of the Trakehner Horse. When ever she is being asked about her Philosophy she often likes to refer to a quote from Georg Graf v. Lehndorff, which brings her mindset to the point: „Thoroughbred creates Miracles!“

His offspring has exeeded our expectations so far. All Foals have fascinated their breeders with outstanding characteristics and interior as well as their attachment to humans. Their movements are famous for being highly elastic, with great impulsion and continuous rythm.


Responsible for text and pictures: Ulrike Malter