GFS Mikado

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Breed: AES
Colour: smoky creme tobiano
Height: 167 cm
Born: 2017

GFS Lord of the Dance (AES) Destello Dar
Ainuke Pegasus
Malibu Breeze Malibu Galileo
Great Yeldham
Charisma (Westf.) Camaro (Trak.) Le Duc
Coloured Beauty
Luminare (CZ) Hurikan



  • Smoky cream tobiano
  • CrCr Ee aa nT
  • WFFS negative
  • Graded in the USA ISR/Oldenburg


€ 700,- EUR per dose

Mikado is an exceptionally good-natured stallion with stable nerves. He has a very dood type and his color makes him a great rarity. He will always pass on a cream gene and 50% the Tobiano breeding.

Mikado has an excellent canter, always jumping confidently in time, with a lot of balance and an uphill tendency.


Mikado was always able to do well in free jumping and achieved high ratings. As a rider, Mikado is successful in jumping in the USA. His harmonious basic gaits, his jumping talent and his willingness to work make him interesting as a versatile sire.


Responsible for the pictures: Erika Sergent