Breeding: AES
Colour: Dunalino-Roan
Born 2018
Height 164 cm

Löwenherz Leonardo da Vinci AA Wladislaw xx
La Serena x
Arabela Hurikan
Shirly Sir Chamberlain (Trak.) Sir Shostakovich xx
Syone (Trak)
Red Ruby Romadour II
Eterna (Trak.)


  • registered: Stallionbook I Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
  • Stallionbook I Palomino
  • performance tested
  • WFFS free!
  • color genetics: A/A, e/e, R/N (Roan), D/nd2 (Dun), Cr/N (Creme)
  • Interesting: he heterozygous inherited the dun gene (true dun), which is almost non-existent in warmblood breedings
  • he also inherits (see "color genetics" above) creme and roan
  • the same conditions apply to all mares, regardless of color and breed
  • foal papers: Mecklenburg, Palomino, Dt. Pferd (ZfDP), Zangersheide, AES, please ask for other options


Europe:  650,- Euro, In Germany 300 EUR before shipping, 350 EUR when pregnant

UK:  600 GBP 2 doses

USA:  800,- USD, includes 100 EUR voucher for semen shipping from Freeze and Breed

Canada:  1000 CAD (2 doses)

Australia:  1175 AUD

Newzealand:  1250 NZD

The young stallion Shamu is the first to impress with his unusual appearance. Black, big eyes, a light face mask, 4 times white with otherwise almost orange colored legs, plus blond long hair with silvery-orange top hair. You hardly ever see such an unusual coloring – a palomino, for example, appears almost ordinary in comparison. Shamu can pass on 3 special color genes at the same time, each of them 50%.

Since 2022, Shamu has been included in Stallion Book 1 Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. In addition, his foals receive full paper for the stud book 1 German horse (ZfDP); other associations can be requested. In 2021 he completed his 50-day test with the "normal" warmbloods. Outcross horses like him still have a hard time of it in this test, but he still did a good job. Shamu passed the performance test for special breeds in Münster in 2022 with a pretty good result. His walk and his canter were rated best.

This young stallion is extremely brave and curious. Presumably he will be suitable for the eventing. At the jump he shows eagerness and overview. Overall, it is noticeable that he is equipped with higher intelligence than other warmblood horses. He learns and understands much faster than is otherwise known from warmblood horses. He has a high proportion of noble blood.

Shamu's half-brother from the same dam, the stately 175 cm tall Cayanosch, was sold to Canada because of his outstanding jumping talent. Many other half-siblings on the maternal side showed great jumping talent and were successful in show jumping up to the highest level. There are some licensed half brothers from the mother's side. Grandfather Sir Chamberlain and great-grandfather Sir Shostakovich xx were successful in eventing and enjoyed great popularity.

Grandfather on his father's side is the Anglo-Arabian Leonardo da Vinci, who was champion stallion at the ZSAA licensing and completed his HLP in eventing tournaments. He delivered numerous premium foals as well as the licensed stallion Priamos and other successful sport horse offspring. One of his xx ancestors, the stallion Wladislaw xx, had a GAG of 80 kg in racing.