Carlsson vom Dach

Breed: Knabstrupper
Born.: 2013
Height: 163 cm

Campino Colonel Colorado
Liane (Knabst.) Amor von Kobold
S-Nina (Knabst.) Ladalco (Holst.) Ladykiller xx
Zala (Holst.)
Svantja Theis Lynghoj


  • Approved in 2015 at the ZSSE for the Knabstrupper stud book
  • performance tested 2017 (Erbach im Odenwald)
  • approved in 2018 by the KNN (Knabstrupper mainstud book in Denmark)
  • approved in 2020 at the ZfDP for the Knabstrupper stud book
  • registered in the German Knabstrupper book (ZSSE, ZfDP, etc.)
  • registered in HB1 in Denmark (SEGES, KNN) full foal paper for his offspring!
  • for his offspring there are papers from EU associations, such as the AES
  • WFFS free!
  • colour tested: Ee, AA, Tobiano NN, PAT1/PAT1
  • Height inheritance examined - C/T, depending on the inheritance of the mare 159 cm.-180cm
  • Interesting at Carlsson vom Dach: His colour, little spot or white, or born white, means that he is homozygous for one pattern of tiger markings (leopard complex). He will always sire tiger markings with "normal" colored mares (black, chestnut, bay).
  • A mating is therefore not only useful if you want to breed a Knabstrupper or if you love the good characteristics of the Knabstrupper in terms of heredity, but also if you want to spice up your "conventional" sport horse a little in color.


Europe: 2 doses 575 EUR, subsequent delivery if not pregnant

UK: 2 doses 580 GBP

USA: 2 doses 750 USD, includes 100 EUR voucher for semen shipping from Freeze and Breed

Canada: 2 doses 1000 CAD

Australia: 2 doses 950 AUD

Newzealand: 2 doses 950 NZD

Carlsson vom Dach is a very tall and stately Knabstrupper stallion.

He has a diligent, expansive and rhythmic walk, a well-balanced uphill canter and a trot that swings through the body with striking forehand mechanics, as one is used to from a Knabstrupper.

His character is shaped by the typical characteristics of the Knabstrupper - fearless, cool, intelligent and lovable, in spite of everything he has an alert mind and has a good willingness to perform.

Carlsson vom Dach comes from the small but fine breed of Ute Gravert, Norderstedt/Hamburg. His pedigree includes well-known Knabstrupper sires, such as Amor von Kobold on his father's side and Theis Lynghoj on his mother's side. From the sire line comes in the 4th generation sire blood with the Anglo-Arabian Caid AA. In addition, the dam S-Nina has a Holstein touch via the Ladalco/Ladykiller xx line.
Due to the percentage of jumping blood in his pedigree via the Holsteiner Ladalco and the thoroughbred Ladykiller xx, Carlsson vom Dach addresses more and more jumper breeders.
He was already awarded as a suckling foal. At the age of 3, the licensing for the Knabstrupper book followed directly. At the age of 4 he completed his performance test in the 30-day test for sport ponies and special breeds. He successfully completed this with a final grade of 7.15, which was particularly pleasing because he could have taken part in an exam with lower requirements. A short test would have been sufficient for the Knabstrupper breed. Above all, his basic gaits and his good character were rewarded.
Carlsson's awards continue to tumble with great regularity. In the meantime he has achieved everything he could possibly achieve in terms of breeding awards. His foals bring many awards and inspire breeders all over the world.

For a Knabstrupper he has extraordinarily lush long hair.

Carlsson vom Dach embodies both strength of character and athleticism, and he is a real alternative for those who want to bring "color and variety" to their foal.

He is available in fresh semen shipping and his TG can be shipped worldwide. His semen quality is extremely good and his pregnancy rate is impressive.