Breed: AES Warmblut
Colour: Cremello
Born 2016
Height: 165 cm

Beryllium MD (Old.) Brioni (Trak.) Friedensfürst
Bagheerah ox
Numees Nuget
Maple Root
Sava Alois Ascot Z
Sofi Mineral

  • graded ZSSE, Palomino book, WN 8,0
  • AES, Palominobooks, AES, Zangersheide, ...
  • Cremello (Cr/Cr)
  • all his foals will have a creme-gene
  • WFFS negative
  • all mares the same price


Europe: 2 doses 600,- Euro, In Germany payable when the mare is pregnant

Australia: 2 doses 1175 AUD

Newzealand: 2 doses 1250 NZD


The young Cremello stallion Saladin was used for breeding since 2019. His natural basic gaits show luxuriant elasticity and thanks to his secure back work he knows how to use his whole body in all basic gaits.
Saladin is easy to ride and willing under the saddle. His honest character makes him an uncomplicated partner who brings joy in his daily work. At the jump he shows himself to be just as strong of nerves and eager; fortunately, Saladin seems to reflect his grandfather Alois' power of jumping.

As a Cremello, Saladin is homozygous for the Creme gene. For example, when mated to a chestnut, he will 100% sire a palomino foal. If you pair him with lightened mares, the foal can also be doubly lightened.

Particularly noteworthy is his extremely good-natured nature. Saladin is always friendly and open-minded. His curiosity makes dealing with him varied. Nervousness and panic are unknown to him.

Saladin's father is the premium stallion Beryllium MD bred by Dr. Marliese Dobberthien, who is best known for her bred stallions Quasi Gold MD and Qaside MD. Saladin is the only double lightened son of Beryllium MD available to breeders. Beryllium MD was characterized by very honest movements through the body, he was a large and powerful stallion. All of these properties are still rarely found in lightened horses. Beryllium's grandsire was the highly successful stallion Friedensfürst under Lisa Wilcox.

Saladin's dam is a daughter of the internationally highly decorated jumping stallion Alois - the mare Sava. Sava is also the mother of Scheherazade. She was awarded the state premium in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and achieved the highest movement marks.

This is what his new owner is writing of Saladin:

"He is an absolute dream horse in every situation! Always impeccably well-behaved, cuddly, friendly, absolutely social with people, dogs and other horses.

Always 100% motivated and focused at work, whether on the lunge or under the rider. Can be ridden to any place or meadow and even in strange places he immediately goes forward and down in all gaits in a relaxed manner, grumbles and snorts contentedly, is always good at the aids and is really extremely comfortable to sit on and doesn't let himself be pushed through tractors or paddling pools , disturb cows or excavators.

You can take him for a walk anywhere and if he really finds something scary, he just stops for a moment, snorts and looks - and then he continues as if nothing had ever happened.

About Saladin: he's just great! He's gained a bit of temper, but that suits him. He likes to present himself, whinnies loudly when he gains momentum at the trot and very rarely does his good mood go to his head, but he never humps! Then it just becomes fast. Or sees ghosts, puts on a collar and snorts loudly - but then nothing else happens. Unfortunately, in the current situation I still haven't had anyone to film or take photos of us riding, so I urgently need to do that.

He's great with the aids and I've rarely seen such a motivated and eager-to-work horse! He loves to jump (freely), but is generally always happy about "work" and cuddles. And even then it runs around in the meadow for hours. Even after my pregnancy, when I was naturally completely unbalanced, I was able to get back in the saddle without any problems."


responsible for text and pictures: Bärbel Ott