Khalvin Khlein KpM

Breed: Partbred Araber
Colour: Amber Champagne
Born: 1998

v. Khornerstone KpM ox - Comar Bay Brummel ox - Harvest of Gold

Khornerstone KpM ox Khemosabi ox Amerigo ox
Jurneeka ox
Shantu ox Ansata Shah Zaman ox
Ar Razali ox
Miss Sundance Comar Bay Brummel ox Azraff ox
Rode of Mirage ox
Sunshine Harvest of Gold
Myrmarthaquestion AQHA

Links pedigree:

  • graded ZSAA for Partbred Araber
  • performance tested
  • stallionbook I partbred arabians
  • stallionbook I German riding pony
  • Interesting: Almost all matings are possible - the foals receive papers as Arabian Partbred Special due to the high proportion of Arabians, i.e. also warmbloods, riding horse breeds, baroque horse breeds, western horse breeds and others.


Europe: 2 doses 600 Euro - subsequent delivery if not pregnant

Australia: 2 doses  950 AUD - subsequent delivery if not pregnant

Newzealand: 2 doses 950 NZD - subsequent delivery if not pregnant


Noble, expressive and full of character are probably the terms that apply directly to Khalvin Khlein. It's a pleasure to just watch him, even when he's doing nothing and just standing there.

His movement is calm, relaxed and full of natural balance and composure, which is particularly evident in the canter.


Khalvin Khlein is characterized by high rideability. This stallion is just plain fun under the saddle. He is always willing to perform and eager, sometimes so eager that he can hardly wait until he is given the next task.


In the parcours, he willingly pulls up every jump and playfully stays in an even rhythm. Transitions can always be ridden smoothly, he balances himself safely and likes to take on loads.

Due to an injury, he passed his performance test very late, at the "tender" age of 16! He was able to finish it with a final grade in the pretty good range. The HLP station was impressed by the zeal and willingness to perform of this stallion.

Khalvin Khlein is a Partbred Arabian stallion bred in USA, California by Karen Malcor Chapman. He is interesting for all matings with Warmblood and Arabian mares, and from 2015 there are full papers for German riding ponies. We are at your disposal for information.


For breeders who love something very special, Khalvin Khlein is a good opportunity to get the rare champagne color in their offspring.

The dilute gene "champagne" comes from Khalvin Khlein's maternal line. His mother, the Partbred Arabian mare Miss Sundance, combines blood streams of performance sires for all branches of riding. Arabian stallions such as the  stallions Raffles, Comar Bay Beau and Azraff are part of her family. Far back in Khalvin's dam line is another celebrity, AQHA stallion Question Mark, son of Plaudit xx.

The beautiful, noble sire Khornerstone KpM  is a stallion who is unsurpassable in terms of character and versatility.

His father Khemosabi was one of the most sought-after thoroughbred Arabian stallions in the USA for many years and fathered well over a thousand offspring. He died at the age of 34 and is still considered a legend. In the 4th generation, on the dam's sire side is Morafic, who was the main sire at the Egyptian state stud El Zahraa at the time. His father Nazeer bore the title "King of Egypt".

"Khally" is how the strong-willed, courageous and yet sensitive Khalvin Khlein is affectionately called. Noise, falling ladders, construction work, etc. leave him completely cold. However, he likes to watch the girls go... he makes a big fuss while still being adjustable and easy to handle with the simple halter. As a 16-year-old "deck professional" he was granted this. Khalvin Khlein has numerous offspring. He inherits nobility, jumping ability, rhythmic movements, typey, dry faces and often his beautiful color.

In terms of jumping ability and technique, nothing is left to be desired - in 2011 a son of Khalvin Khlein convincingly won the free jumping competition at the Rhön stud farm. Press: "Khandis, with his handy height of 1.45 m, has enormous jumping power. With a score of 9.5, he left all stallions of his age group behind."


There are already licensed offspring. Below is a selection of his foals:


graded stallion Khasanova v. Khalvin Khlein,

Khalvin Khlein has 4 graded sons