Hickorys Royal Kizz

Breed: Quarterhorse
Colour: Amber Cream Champagne Dun
Height: 150 cm
Born: 2014

First Kizz Bucolena Chex Nu Chex To Cash
CR Guns Fancy
Cougarkizzy Cougarand
Kizzys Bobalu
Hickory Smoken Lass JRS Dun Diablo High Brow Hickory
Peppsy MS Diablo
DBD Queen Glass Eyed Doc
Sankas Queen

v. First Kizz – JRS Dun Diablo – Glass Eyed Doc

Pedigree: https://www.allbreedpedigree.com/hickorys+royal+kizz

  • Registered Quarter Horse USA, Paint Horse USA, Germany
  • AES registered and graded
  • Homozygous for Champagne, heterozygous for Dun
  • Ch/Ch, D/nd, A/a, Cr/N

    • GBED N/N
    • HERDA N/N
    • HYPP N/N
    • MH N/N
    • PSSM N/N
    • MYHM/IMM N/N
    • LWO N/N


Australia 2 doses 1500 AUD

New Zealand 2 doses 1600 NZD

Breeders in Europe please contact Corinna Meffert, https://www.hengste-steinsberg.de/hickorys-royal-kizz/ , mobile and whatsapp +49 1 78 - 696 33 88, info@hengste-steinsberg.de


Responsible for text and pictures: Corinna Meffert