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Contact person: Claudia Kaul, Gestüt Most Colorful,
Falltorstr. 6, 63486 Bruchköbel,, Tel. +49 177-2682851

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Breed: Araberpinto (93,75% AV)
Colour: Black Piebald Tovero
Born: 2006
Height: 156 cm

v. RBA Phantom – RBA Farafs Sultan – Tahr ox

RBA Phantom PbA Summit Coco N Creame PbA SG Royal Calico PbA
CO Fahim Ramaka ox
She Cruzes Pacer PbA Pacesetter PbA
Fantzys Shadow ox
RBA Tahzmin ox RBA Farafs Sultan ox El Reata Faraf ox
Antonia de Lomas ox
RBA Tahza ox Tahr ox
RBA Fahmi Jull ox

Link Pedigree:

  • VZAP-Elitestallion
  •  tovero
  •  stallionbook 1 VZAP & ZfDP
  •  30 day performance Test
  •  SCID negative


650 EUR

Grading results:

  • Type 9,0
  • Exterieur 8,5
  • Correctness 8,0
  • Impulse 8,5
  • Overall impression 8,5
  • Endresult 8,5


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