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Falltorstr. 6, 63486 Bruchköbel,, Tel. +49 177-2682851

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Breed: Pintabian (99,41% Arabian)
Colour: Black Piebald
Born: 2011
Height: 160 cm

v. SH Nite Gambler – Majestic Sunspot – BHR Hosan Braveheart

SH Nite Gambler PbA Dakota Gambler PbA Painted Pharoah PbA
Valuable Dream ox
SH Ebony Moon BHR Hosan Braveheart
Country Phancy ox
SH Majic Moment PbA Majestic Sunspot PbA Adore my Sunspot PbA
CV Crystal ox
SH Nite Mariah PbA BHR Hosan Braveheart
 Bar Dark Savannah ox

Link zum Pedigree:

  • Pintabian (99,41% Arabian)
  • Homozygous black
  • Homozygous tobiano
  • graded ZSSE
  • stallionbook 1 ZfDP
  • graded and performance tested


850,- EUR



responsible for text and pictures: Claudia Kaul,