EH Hibiskus

Breed: Trakehner
Colour: Black
Height: 168 cm
Born: 2000

Latimer (Trak.) Saint Cloud Neuquen
Lara XII Caprimond
Larissa XXI
Hirtennacht Hohenstein Caprimond
Helena XIV
Herzlani Kostolany

v. Latimer – Hohenstein - Kostolany


  • Graded for Trakehner, papers for foals possible for all breeding books (warmblood)
  • Performance tested in Germany
  • Stallionbook I Trakehner
  • Finalist of the Bundeschampionat Germany
  • Succesful up to Grand Prix international
  • WFFS negative
  • succesful up to S** dressage


Australia  1400 AUD

Newzealand  1500 NZD


This flashy Black Trakehner Stallion was born June 1, 2000. He is approximately 168 cm.
He was the Reserve Champion of his licensing at the Trakehner Hengstmarkt in Neumünster 2002.

The 30 day Performance test was completed in Schliekau 2003 with the second best Dressage note of all 30 participating stallions; 8.61 2/30 He became 7.96 for jumping and was over all sixth with 8.41.
The 70 day Performance Test was accomplished in Redefin where he won the Dressage section and was fourth over all.
Hibiskus was a finalist of the three year old stallion class at the prestigous German National Championships in Warendorf in the riding horse competition under Ingrid Klimke, where they were third in the finals.
Unfortunately he was only ridden sporadically after that, untill we purchased him in 2012
August 2012 we bought him , his training waslevel was L. 2013 were the first wins in medium level, 2014 He had his first advanced level wins

Hibiskus was bred by the legendary East Prussian breeder Veronica von Schöning, one oft the most influential breeders of the Trakehner breed after WWII.
The father Latimer, Bundeschampionat Winner, 67th oft he WBFSH Sire Rankings Dressage.Sire of Finckenstein TSF who competed succesfully at the World Championships in Tryon for Denmark.
The Dam line is one oft he largest produchers of top quality Sport horses in the Trakehner Breed such as Herzruf the sire of Ulla Salzgebers Herzrufs Erbe, or Hirtentanz, the only Trakehner to this day accepted by the Holsteiner Breeding association.
. Hibiskus himself is the sire of succesful Dressage up to Grand Prix, , National and International Eventers with Young Riders, He has produched Jumpers up to medium level. Hibiskuss´s offspring have been ridden in recent years at International European and Word Championships for Para dressage. He has also produced top young carriage horses.

Hibiskus makes good moving foals with a big swinging trot, he is known to improve difficult character and make a good and a relaxed walk. He makes a strong and correct conformation with a lot of bone. He gives substance, making solid horses. They are easy going horses with great rideability,
His foals are very often dark, no chestnuts have been known until now. He has also produced paints
Hibiskus has seven registered sons.
His most recently registered son is Theodorakis. Theodorakis was registered at the Spring Meeting in Münster-Handorf 2022. He was purchased by the reknowned Stud Gut Staffelde.2022 He was the Riding Horse Champion oft he three year old stallions, he was ridden by Christian Flamm.
He has produced many top mares, most recently including the 2017 Bavarian Trakehner Champion Mare, Hagebutte who is ownend and bred by the reknowned Gestüt Murtal in Austria . Hagebutte has wins up to Advanced (S) Dressage.

2018 his daughter Ophelia won the mares performance test in Thierhaupten agains mares of all breeds. She had an overall note of 8.61, and became 9 for her jumping. Ophelia was also Champion Trakehner Riding horse in Bavaria.
Pommery TSF from his first crop of foals was awarded the prestigous TSF title for his consistent success in the Dressage arena. He is currently in France where he succesfully competed Grand Prix Dressage.
Isselhook´s First Sight TSF by Lossow out of Fünflinden by Hibiskus.
2019 a daughter of Hibiskus was Champion of the Bavarian Trakehner Registrations (grey mare at the offspring pictures), Second in her Performance test with the result 8.75. Most expensive Mare and Riding horse at the Aucion in Neumünsteras a three year old.
2021 He was awarded the „Stallion of the Year 2021“ by USEA United States Eventing Association.First Sight is currently competing Internationally very successfully in USA with the Olympic rider Doug Payne
2021 Pfingstrose Reserve Champion Mare of the Trakehner Registration in Bavaria
2023 Young Riders NAYC 2023 Gold Medal Winners Lexi Kment and Hibiskus son Montagny von der Heide, USA
Kalimero with sins in Dressage S** current titelholder oft he Prestigous TSF Final oft he Hengstmarkt in Neumuenster.
Hagebutte Champion Mare oft he Registration in Bavaria ,meanwhile S Dressage winner in Austria


Offspring of Hibikus were succesful up to class S.

Responsible fort ext and pictures: Erin Reili