El Shamir

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contact person Claudia Kaul,
Gestüt Most Colorful, Falltorstr. 6, 63486 Bruchköbel,
info@most-colorful.com, Tel. +49 177-2682851

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Elite- and premiumstallion

breed: Araberpinto (96,875% AV)
colour: black overo
born: 2002
height: 150 cm

v. HP Amir Elsahar ox – Summit Coco N Creame – Knight Foxy

HP Amir Elsahar ox Saud el Ameer ox Adhem ox
Gita RSI ox
Sentez FA Sable ox Fabo ox
FA Daalanny ox
RBA Shula PbA Summit Coco N Creame PbA SG Royal Calico PbA
CO Fahim Ramaka ox
RBA Firefox ox Knight Fox ox
Little Charm ox

Link Pedigree: http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/te+el+shamir

  • VZAP-Elitestallion
  •  Araberpinto 96,87 % AV
  • Overo, homozygous for black
  •  stallionbook 1 VZAP & ZfDP
  •  HLP 30 day performance Test
  •  SCID negative


EU: arabians more than 50% AV 700 €, others 500 €




Grading result:

  • Type 9,0
  • Exterieur 8,5
  • Correctness 8,5
  • Impulse 9,0
  • Overall Impression 9,0
  • Endresult 8,8



  •  2012: three graded sons
  •  2014: four premium fillies
  •  09/2014: first son, who passed the performance test

responsible for ppictures and text: Claudia Kaul www.most-colorful.com