Breed: PRE
Colour: Cremello
Height: 164 cm
Born: 2021

Kenedi A Claudio Vives Cesar VI
Carmela V
Mas Serrallonga Alamnzor XIX
Saltarina HBM
Alegria Columna Moret II Carmelo II
Furiosa XI
Alegria CXLV Estio
Colina VM




  • ANCCE graded
  • ee – Aa – CrCr – chch – zz – gg
  • NO Grey Gene (tested)
  • Cremello, so all his foals will have a dilute gene


Europe: 650,- Euro

UK: 600 GBP

A touch of uniqueness surrounds him, the Spanish Crèmello stallion Poseidon La Columna, because in his year there were only 7 Crèmello stallions of his breeding. As Pura Raza Espanola, he embodies the modern dressage horse with a clear type expression and an exceptionally harmonious body shape. His charm and elegance are also worth highlighting.

The best Spanish bloodlines are united in him, because he is bred in an absolutely interesting way and there are highly rated Spanish celebrities in every line of inheritance, such as Cesar VI, Alamnzor XIX and Carmelo II.

It is equally suitable for use in pure PRE breeding as well as for the refinement of other breeds such as warmbloods (dressage) or breeds of the working equitation movement. For crossbreed pairings, it is also suitable for all leisure horse breeds or other baroque breeds.

Little color information: He will pass on a Creme gene to all of his foals because he is a Cremello himself. This means that when mated with a chestnut mare, for example, he will always produce palomino foals. A foal that comes from a normally colored mare cannot have blue eyes, because this is only the case if a double-colored foal is born, which can only happen in connection with a mare that has a cream gene itself.