Malabar Tremendous

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contact person: 
Esther Stegert,

Breed: ox
Colour: black
Height: 153 cm
Born: 2018

BS Malabar Dark Demon Malabar Ibn Duke Malabar Duke
Malabar Nefertiti
SS Kalila Malabar Ibn Duke
AS Jull
Malabar Serendipity Jamboree Tuxedo Jamboree Caliber
Jamboree Prelude
BLK MGCS Nashyt BLK MGC Challenger

v. BS Malabar Dark Demon – Jamboree Tuxedo – BLKMGC Challenger


  • Homozygous black
  • EEaa


€ 500,- EUR

Malabar Tremendous – called Trey – is one of the last three purebred stallions that can be traced back to the American stud “Malabar Farms”. Malabar Farms was founded in 1958 by Danish Dr Ruth Schmidt and operated until her death in 1988. Dr Ruth valued straight legs, good pasterns and shoulders, the classic Arabian type, intelligence and the "living in the tent" character. Her second focus was on the black color, which was rare for thoroughbred Arabians at that time. Malabar Arabians are versatile in equestrian sports: whether dressage, jumping, western, racing, in front of the carriage or endurance, they can be found in all disciplines. Trey combines all these good qualities. His sire "BS Malabar Dark Demon" successfully goes distances up to 100 miles. Trey was started to be gently broken in and trained for dressage in summer 2022. His first foal was born in California in April 2022, and more mares are pregnant now for foals in 2023.


In the 1960s, Malabar blood came to Europe through the import of 2 mares and 2 stallions to England. The stallion "DP Black Smoke", imported to Germany by Thomas Meyer, also had 50% Malabar blood through his sire "Malabar Duke". In the summer of 2019 I brought a 100% Malabar mare from the USA to Denmark. As I want to continue breeding the Malabar Arabians, I have imported frozen semen from Malabar Tremendous and would also like to give the opportunity to European breeders.

responsible for text and pictures: Esther Stegert