Inefavel/ Don Malagueno

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Contact person: Eva Maria Srecker
Tel +49 160 97313578

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Breed: Lusitano
Colour: Smoky Grulla
Born 2013
height 163 cm

I-Don Malagueno (APSL breeding name) / Inefavel (FEI sport name)

 Vinhacas Ourem Pagode
Auica Hino
Canigia Farrapo Riscado
Faisca Quimono
Ladina II

  • graded ZfDP (Lusitano)
  • graded 2021 beim APSL
  • HB I Lusitano, ZfDP
  • papers for some warmblood books possible
  • N/Cr, a/a, D/D, kein Pearl.
  • homozygous for Dun
  • WFFS free


Europe: 2 doses 950,- Euro

USA: 2 doses 950,- Euro

Australia: 2 doses 2000 AUD

Inefavel is a multiple approved Lusitano breeding stallion in the rare color Smoky Grullo, homozygous dun that combines color with quality.


He is approved for APSL (Lusitano studbook), ZfdP (for studbook Lusitano) and accepted for KWPN (studbook 2 for all foals). Other studbooks on request. His owner is working on sport results to get him into other warmblood studbooks - so keep updated on the future of this stallion.


Standing 1.64m with perfect X-Rays (2022+2023), free of WFFS, PSSM1&2 and ECVM. His color code is DD, nCr, EE, aa, gg. He will always make DUN foals (homozygous) with a 50% chance of CREME (heterozygous).

Not only his color code is special, the most impressive on him is his ability to perform in each discipline. He is competing at Prix St. George Level Dressage against Warmbloods (does all Grand Prix exercise at home already), does cross country, showjumping and working equitation with all the passion a horse can give. Performing with the Garrocha or giving doublelonge-lessons is as easy with him as going bareback for a long hack in the forest.
He is easy to sit and collect and has the most spectacular piaffe & canter as well as an outstanding walk for an Iberian breed. His character is super smart. His trainer says about him: „If you train a new trick, he understands immediately. He wants to please his rider so much, sometimes he is like Amazon: ‚If you like that, you might also like this and this and this…‘ and then he offers you all he can and you can just sit and enjoy.“ He loves his people and is very brave.

Inefavel has proven his quality in dozens of foals worldwide from frozen semen, all of them tall with strong bones and a very friendly and smart character & of course dun-colored. Especially his crossbreeds proof that the Lusitano is a breed, that fits to most mares and brings out the best of both parents.


Find out more about him on his website: or on Facebook and Instagram @ohdarlin_sportsandbreeding